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  • 14 Jul 2020
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Tawa gets hands-on with STEM

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  • Tawa gets hands-on with STEM

Tawa Intermediate School received STEM equipment including Drones, Spheros, Mbots and Neuron kits in the second funding round in 2019. The additional equipment has meant students can participate in smaller groups, making it more hands-on and increasing the engagement in STEM lessons. Group sizes have gone from four to five students per device/ robot to groups of just two.

Having technology, like drones, has prompted conversations around “social responsibility” and how different technologies require us to think about how we use it. The school used the Spheros to explore Covid-19 and how viruses spread. This helped show the students the importance of social distancing and why the Government took the steps they did.

During lockdown, the school handed out all the Drones, Spheros, Mbots and Neuron kits to staff. This allowed them to become familiar with different forms of digital technology which will support the school’s goal of educating their educators. Staff, with children at home, were especially grateful for an extra resource to support their home learning. The hope is now teachers will be more comfortable to include/integrate more digital technology into their programmes.

Reece Savill, STEM teacher said, “We are still unlocking the potential of these amazing resources. Combining these kits with other resources like Laser Cutters and 3D Printers, means the options are endless for where students can take this.”