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  • 14 Jul 2020
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Puketaua students now consider STEM careers

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  • Puketaua students now consider STEM careers

Puketaua Primary School received a variety of STEM equipment including a Maqueen Microbit robot, Sphero RV and Cubetto kit in the 2019 funding round. Since then both the junior and senior students have engaged with Cubetto, a set of blocks and mats that are used to learn the basics of coding and programming, in conjunction with the tablets. The tablet helps them write the code, then tells them when the code has been put into action and if their Cubetto has made a wrong move. This activity supports them in learning digital vocabulary, grid plotting and compass use.

For Matariki, students were asked to write down their dreams of where they want to be in the future and what they would like to do as an adult.

“Thanks to the experiences they have had with the equipment some of our students are now thinking of STEM careers. This would not have occurred if they had not engaged with the equipment that was supplied,” said Mark Williams, ICT Leader at Puketaua Primary School.

The school has also seen students who show little interest in maths, reading, and writing become totally engaged in learning using the equipment.