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  • 12 Jul 2019
  • 2 min read

Play our Crunch Time Challenge and win!

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  • Play our Crunch Time Challenge and win!

We have been so excited to see almost 2000 kids playing our Crunch Time 2.0 quiz game over the past month! Most have been playing in classrooms, but this is also a great activity to do at home, especially during the school holidays.

One new feature some of you might not have discovered yet is the Crunch Time Challenge. We’re giving you a chance to win a Sphero Bolt or a Makeblock Educational robot, as well as some cool School-gen merchandise, just by registering and playing the Crunch Time Challenge over the next week (make sure you register as a user in Crunch Time, guests won’t go in the draw). And you don’t have to play every day to win – just play at least once to enter. So, what is the Crunch Time Challenge?

Crunch Time Challenge is a multiplayer game within Crunch Time that kicks off every day at 4pm – and anyone can play. The blimp that appears in the game shows you what time the Challenge will happen (always 4pm) and then will count down once it is half an hour away from game time. To join, you just need to click the Multiplayer sign on the signpost, then choose the Crunch Time Challenge room (which will appear ten minutes before the quiz starts). The challenge will kick off at 4pm and then you can answer as many questions as you can – and maybe win the game!