We’ve teamed up with What Now to give you the chance to win an extraordinary prize for your whole class!

Up for grabs is this incredible 3D printer plus a School-Gen pack including:
-A chromebook
-Solar Glasses
-Mechanoid Robot
-And a Skywalker Quadcopter Drone!

Don’t feel left out though if you don’t win the big prize, we’ve given What Now another two School-Gen runner up prize packs!

Want to know how to score this EPIC prize for your class? We want you to get creative and draw a picture explaining the power of the sun and write a letter telling us about your drawing!

Then, you can fill out the form on the What Now website here, or post it to us at:

What Now
School-gen Competition
P.O. Box 2489

So get your paints, pencils and crayons out to to get entering, and you and your class could have this awesome prize pack very soon!

For more information or to share your School-gen news, please get in touch