Borrow Equipment

Loan equipment that provides hands-on fun learning for students.

Human Energy Generator

School-gen has two Human Energy Generators (HEG) for loan to schools. Using the HEG students will understand what it takes to generate energy and feel the difference in energy required to power an LED versus an incandescent light bulb.

Teachers can use the activities in the HEG curriculum linked resource to expand the learning around energy, energy efficiency and sustainability.

Watch our HEG video here

Download the HEG education resource here

3D Kits (wind / hydro / sun)

We have a range of maker projects on our website, some of which require the use of a 3D printer to create a hydro turbine, a wind turbine and a sun inclinometer. As we know lots of schools don’t have 3D printers, we have prepared packs of pre-printed materials that we can send out to schools to borrow . If that’s something you’re interested in, contact us. You can check out our awesome maker projects here

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