Become a School-gen solar school

Getting solar at your school and becoming a School-gen solar school provides heaps of benefits. Students learn about energy and sustainability as they track your school’s energy use and, at the same time, your school can increase the amount of renewable energy you’re using. Depending on the size of your solar array, there can also be cost benefits.

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  • Find out how your school could benefit from adding solar panels.
  • See how you can get School-gen monitoring for your school’s existing solar panels.
  • Learn more about School-gen solar programme or resources.

Obviously all schools are different in terms or size and requirements, but most schools these days are installing solar arrays of a minimum size of 5 kW. An array of this size costs around $12K. To have a real impact on your power bill, a medium sized school would need a solar array of 12.4 kW, which costs around $28K.

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In megawatt hours. You can do this by adding together your last 12 months’ energy bills – or using the last few months and calculating an average total over 12 months.