Make and Play


Even teachers are into these educational games – so no-one can tell you off for playing these in class!

Crunch Time

Crunch Time is an interactive quiz game aimed at kids of all ages – with questions about energy, science and sustainability.

It’s hosted by animated character Edison (Eddie) Earth, and he will guide kids through the game whether they want to play at home, or with their science classes at school.

Whio Boot Camp

Have fun with the WhioForever Boot Camp game. Discover how the whio learns to swim, fly, what they eat and most importantly how to avoid nasty predators.
This is outdoor science at its best!

For more information on WhioForever (the DOC and Genesis Energy partnership to protect the whio) go to


ElectroCity is a game designed for students in Years 7, 8 and 9 (although we know plenty of adults who love it).

You build and manage your own virtual towns and cities and learn about energy generation, environmental management and a host of other relevant concepts.
There’s plenty of real-world information built into the game so as well as being fun and interactive, it’s also a good learning tool.

Heads-up: it’s a bit old school so you will need to play this on a computer with Flash player installed.