Make and Play


Even teachers are into these educational games – so no-one can tell you off for playing these in class!

Crunch Time 2.0

Crunch Time is an interactive quiz game aimed at kids of all ages – with questions about energy, science and sustainability. We have just launched a new and improved version of the game that includes multiplayer functionality, so whole classes can play against each other, as well as brand new avatars, questions and features.

It’s hosted by animated character Edison (Eddie) Earth, and he will guide kids through the game whether they want to play at home, or with their classes at school.

Whio Boot Camp

Have fun with the WhioForever Boot Camp game. Discover how the whio learns to swim, fly, what they eat and most importantly how to avoid nasty predators.
This is outdoor science at its best!

For more information on WhioForever (the DOC and Genesis Energy partnership to protect the whio) go to

Electrocity Users:

We are sorry to say that Electrocity is no longer available. The game was created over 10 years ago and we’re no longer able to update and maintain it. We realise this might be inconvenient to regular users and do apologise for this. But we encourage you to check out our other games – and stay tuned for more coming in future, and a new and improved version of Crunch Time coming in the next few weeks!