Hot off the press are our two new School-gen resources aimed at supporting teachers and students doing NCEA Geography Level 1 and 2. Both resources have been researched, written and reviewed by Geography teachers and are linked to NCEA achievement objectives.

Going solar at the local school’ is designed to get students using geographic understanding to investigate generating and using solar energy at their own school or a neighbouring school. The work involved is linked to “describing aspects of a contemporary New Zealand geographic issue” (Geography 1.6).

How much electricity do I use?’ gets students to use geographic research techniques and methodologies to research their energy use and factors influencing this, for example the weather. This resource is linked to “conducting geographic research with guidance (91244)”.

This is the first time we have done NCEA resources so we would welcome any feedback from teachers on these – and any recommendations of topics that would be useful for us to cover in future. Thanks!