We are pleased to announce a suite of new and updated resources about energy for younger learners – now available for teachers to use.

We have two new introductory resources for younger learners at Levels 1 and 2. These are: ‘Introducing Hydro Power‘ – where students learn about hydro power and how it works, and ‘Introducing Wind Energy and turbines‘ where students learn about how we harness the power of the wind to make energy.

At Level 3-4 level, we have an exciting new resource ‘The Hydro Turbine Challenge‘. Using this, learners will be able to¬†design and create a working hydro turbine model, using STEM knowledge and skills. This is linked to our existing maker project – Make a Hydro Turbine (or Make a Hydro Turbine with housing). We have also refreshed and updated our ‘Make a Wind Turbine‘ resource, which is now at Level 3 and 4 and allows students to investigate the power of wind by making a model turbine. This is linked to our existing maker project – Make a Wind Turbine.

All our maker projects are supported by an instructional video. Although both the hydro and wind projects require a 3D printer – don’t let that be a barrier to you if you don’t have one at your school. We are pulling together some packs of already printed hydro and wind turbines and sun inclinometers which we can lend out to schools. If you’re interested in borrowing them for a few weeks, just email us at [email protected]