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This is where you’ll find hands-on projects, fun and factual ebooks and online games. Do them at home or school to explore the exciting world of energy.


Download our three fun activities for free.

Make a Hydro Turbine

"Hydro" means "water" in Greek, let's make a splash.

Make a Sun Inclinometer

A sun inclinometer helps us find the angle of the sun.

Make a Paper Circuit House

Use simple materials to light up a picture of a house.

Make a Wind Turbine

See how fast the wind’s energy can spin a turbine.

Make a Solar Oven

Did you know you can make a solar oven out of a pizza box?

Make a Hydro Turbine + Housing

Harness the energy of running water.



School-gen has developed a number of eBooks that teachers, parents and kids can enjoy in both English and Te Reo Maori.


Even teachers are into these educational games – so no-one can tell you off for playing these in class!



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