FREE Access to Activities

To help put Kiwi kids’ energy to good use, the Genesis School-gen programme has partnered with Mind Lab Kids to offer kids all over New Zealand FREE access to fun interactive activities that encourage creative thinking and learning while they’re at home.

Developed by educators, kids will have access to a safe online space to create, innovate and share their creations.  It’s super easy:

Step 1 – get started by registering kids for free on the Mind Lab Kids site (or get them to login if you’ve already registered them)

Step 2  – kids see what to do by watching a Mind Lab Kids challenge – to find a specific challenge, click on the challenges button at the top, then filter challenges

Step 3 – next they hunt around the house for the items needed for the challenge (most can be found in the home)

Step 4 – finally, they record and upload themselves completing the challenge to the Mind Lab Kids site.

Tips for loading your challenge onto Mind Lab Kids site:
Step 5 – Kids need to be logged in to load a challenge and can do this between 8am to 7pm.

Step 6 – Click on ‘upload’, select your video/photo, add a title and then click ‘submit’.  It can take up to 24hours to appear on the Mind Lab Kids site.

Let the fun begin!

School holiday competitions

With the help of our friends at Mind Lab Kids, we’ll be running two competitions (one per week) during the April, July and October school holidays. Competitions start on a Monday and finish at 5pm on a Sunday.

It’s all about having a go, learning something new and most of all, having fun! Each week there will be one main prize and three spot prizes.

Each Monday during the holidays we’ll put up details for the competition, so remember to check back to see what’s happening and what prizes are up for grabs. 

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July holiday competition

Week 2 – Competition opens Mon 19 July, closes 5pm Sun 25 July

Complete the Mind Lab Kids Super Solar Oven challenge (with Viking Rich) on the Mind Lab Kids site to be in to win a fabulous Weather Science kit.

You can find it by using the “filter challenges” button, then select “science and engineering” and scroll down. Or if you’ve had a go at this one before, try another challenge in this category.

Remember, kids need to be registered on the Mind Lab Kids site before they can do any of the challenges so if you haven’t already, register them now. Good luck!

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Want more Activities?


Twiggy the Pukeko and Chip & Chirpy learn about renewable energy and you can learn too.

Fun home activities

Want to have fun experimenting and making stuff? Here’s some more activities to do at home.

Online games

Challenge yourself and your friends on  Crunch Time and avoid predators in the  Whio Boot Camp game.