Fun with Whio!

These school holidays, we’re providing some fun and hands on activities your kids can do – all about our whio (blue duck), one of New Zealand’s many endangered duck species. Genesis and the Department of Conservation have been working together since 2011 to secure the future of the whio, and we’re seeing some good results. But we still need your help! So, check out our fun activities below, and while you’re at it feel free to ‘Pucker Up for the Under Duck’ and vote for Whio on social media for #Birdoftheyear!

Stoats and Rivers Game

A variation on Snakes and Ladders, this Stoats and Rivers game lets kids learn about whio, and their most dangerous predator, the stoat! To play, just print out the A3 sheet and grab some of your dice and counters.

Whio Forever Mask

Download our fun Whio mask, and let your kids creativity go wild! All that’s needed are some crayons or colouring in pencils and a bit of imagination!

Whio colouring game

We have some great colouring options as well for both younger and older kids – with some easy to print outlines of whio in their natural habitat! Again, crayons and colouring in pencils are all you need to let your child’s creative juices loose on our awesome whio!