Fun activities

Want to have fun experimenting and making stuff? Here’s some activities for school or  home – Warning  it can get messy!

Swirling seed helicopter

Solar system hopscotch

Plant parts art

Foamy art prints

Mini Zipline

Travelling Water

Fruit trapped in ice

Garden potion

Salt dough bakery

Balloon on a String Rocket

Colouring Flowers

Who stopped the wind power

Marbled paper

Rubber egg 

Water magic 

Energy Word Find

Make a sailboat with keel


Make a Mini Hovercraft

Hokey Pokey Science

Baking soda bomb

Galaxy Maze

Scavenger hunt

Invisible Extinquisher

Storm in a glass
Milk art
Lava Lamp
Orange fizz
Rainbow in a glass
Make it rain
Make a volcano

Rain gauge

Film Canister Rocket

Paper turbine

Straw Rocket

Race to the stars

Leaf Blower and Ball Science

Create your own Salt Crystals

Secret spy message