• Levels 5-6
  • 25 Jun 2023
  • 1 min read

What's my carbon footprint?

Tōku tapuwae waro?

Carbon emissions of people are affected by the established infrastructures of the country and area in which they live, but they are also able to be hugely influenced through the conscious lifestyle choices and behaviours of individuals. The carbon footprint is a way of quantifying the amount of carbon in tonnes emitted by one person for one year and the contribution they are making to global warming.

This resource allows the student to conduct their own inquiry into the concept, measurement, and application of carbon footprint. It is intended to be a student-driven inquiry learning project following some initial background and context setting.

Students will carry out independent research about carbon emissions individually or in a small group (three is ideal), and then apply the concepts gained to calculate their own carbon footprint. Following this they will formulate an action plan to reduce their carbon footprint.