• Levels 3-4
  • 25 Jun 2023
  • 1 min read

Block coding for beginners

Block coding is a simple coding language suitable for introducing coding and programming to students at middle - upper primary school level. When we select blocks and drag and drop them into the coding space, they can be joined together to make sets of instructions. Block coding can form complex sets of instructions which can create movements, sounds, looks, and events for characters, images or hardware. 

This activity will focus on Scratch 3.0 and Tynker as these are free online websites. 

But coding seems so complicated... 

Coding can seem intimidating to people who haven’t grown up with digital technology, but block coding is easy once you have tried it a few times. Don’t be afraid to try and see what happens when you put some coding blocks together. You can’t go wrong, just drag the blocks back and try again.