Learn about energy and sustainability as you read e-books in English or te reo Māori.

Chip & Chirpy Meet the Sun ebook cover image

Chip & Chirpy Meet The Sun

Year 1-2

Entry level learning about the sun and solar energy!

Chip & Chirpy are two fantails who begin to fly up to the sun. The sun says it’s too far and suggests they learn a song instead. Chip & Chirpy learn facts about the sun and then a tree comes to life and tells them about solar energy. Two children walk by with a little dog and they all sing the song together.

Beaky & Bluey See The Light ebook cover image

Beaky & Bluey See the Light

Year 1-2

Younger readers can learn about energy efficiency too!

Two Pukeko chicks, Beaky and Bluey, get the chance to star in a TV commercial about energy efficiency. Their mother Ko is trained to turn off a light switch, but this is just the start. She explains the benefits of renewable energy. She also has many tips for saving energy, including energy efficient light bulbs.

Tui Sings the Sun Song ebook cover

Tui Sings the Sun Song

Year 1-3

Younger readers learn about the sun and solar energy!

Jake hears Tui singing a new tune outside his bedroom window. It’s a bright, sunny morning and Tui tells him all about the sun. He climbs up to his tree hut and meets a wise old owl who taught Tui the song. After learning about solar energy and renewable energy, they all sing the song together.

Twiggy and Tua's Green Dream House ebook cover

Twiggy and Tua's Green Dream House

Year 5-8

Learn how to make a house more energy efficient.

Twiggy the Pukeko dreams that one day she will live in a warm, dry house. She meets Tua, a tuatara who knows a thing or two about energy from the sun. They visit the Green Dream House and meet Greeny, the owner. Twiggy’s head is soon spinning with facts about insulation, double glazing, solar energy, passive solar design, and a long list of ways to be energy efficient.

Students testing lego STEM project they built


Curriculum aligned resources for Years 1-12.

Teacher showing student how a hydro turbine works at kitchen sink

Maker projects

Hands-on learning through making and doing.

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Fun activities

Loads of fun activities and experiments you can do at home.