If you’re looking for ways to entertain children these holidays, and energise their brain cells at the same time, then School-gen is your answer! Check out some of the great things we have to offer, such as:

Play Crunchtime! This interactive and colourful quiz game will test your kids’ knowledge of all things science, energy and sustainability related. Host Edison Earth will put them through their paces, and they can compete against siblings and friends to see who knows the most. And rest assured, they will tell you what they have learned – like, did you know that the average human farts 14 times a day?!?

Make a solar oven! This is an easy science experiment to do at home with your kids – with the items needed all easy to find at the supermarket or hardware store. And it’s a great time of year to be testing out what an impact the sun can have! You can also check out Ava Atom doing the experiment for What Now here.

Have fun with whio! Thanks to our Whio Forever friends, we have some great colouring in activities and games that entertain kids while helping them learn about our endangered native blue duck. Check them out – and why not have an explore of the Whio Forever website while you’re at it!

Watch The School-gen Show! We had a great time making this video – about our awesome Human Energy Generator – with some of our Genesis staff kids. We have just filmed another one at Auckland Zoo with a REAL tuatara, and that will be released in the new year.

We welcome any feedback on other activities and resources we could offer to engage kids in STEM – so do contact us if you have any suggestions!