School-gen + Mind Lab Kids join forces

by | Apr 15, 2020 | News | 0 comments

The Genesis School-gen programme is excited to announce a partnership with Mind Lab Kids, giving us the chance to bring even more learning out of the classroom into the home. For the next four months we’ll be giving you free access to Mind Lab Kids Challenges – a bunch of fun, stimulating activities for primary school kids. 

Mind Lab Kids is an award winning science, technology, engineering and math online platform where kids can do challenges ranging from creating stop motion videos to building a drawbridge or making a pizza solar oven.

It’s a great resource to help Kiwi kids put their energy to good use and it’s FREE to all New Zealanders, so spread the word.

Competition Challenges – spot prizes and more! 

Over the coming weeks, School-gen will be running Mind Lab Kids competition challenges.   

With big prizes like an iPad and Wonder Workshop Dash Robot, as well as cool spot prizes, the kids won’t want to miss out. So, register your kids now and spread the word via your social media channels.

We’ll keep our School-gen Mind Lab Kids page updated with important details on Competition challenges – so keep checking in.

Help us spread the word 

Access is FREE to everyone in New Zealand, so you can share the Mind Lab Kids link or forward this email. Alternatively share the Genesis School-gen Facebook post about our partnership with Mind Lab Kids.

Whether you’re a parent or care giver wanting to find something stimulating for your kids to do, or a teacher thinking about what activity to set for homework this week, these challenges will let the kids have fun while learning at the same time.