New Solar School Pages Live

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Over the past few months the School-gen team has been working away on a new set of solar school pages for the School-gen website and they are now live! These pages replace the ones we had and deliver new features, have a refreshed look and feel, and are easier to navigate around.

Here’s some key features:

You can search for a school by name, see how the solar panels are performing and if you’re from that school, you can share the URL with the school community (parents etc) so they can see what the school is producing.

  • The data shows how each school’s solar panels have performed today, in the last week, month and over the lifetime of the panels. And it shows how much carbon dioxide each school has saved over the same time periods.
  • The Solar Dashboard shows aggregated data for all schools in the School-gen programme.

Using the Solar Data

Any school in New Zealand can use the solar data from our solar schools as a learning tool – using our range of solar resources, including ‘Solar Data – What can it show us?’. You can search for a particular school, or view schools by region here.

Interested in becoming a solar school?

If you’re interested in becoming a solar school and want to find out more about the costs and what’s involved, you can visit our new ‘Become a solar school’ page – and when you’re ready fill in an online form for a quote from our solar team.

Can’t see your data?

There are several schools where solar data isn’t feeding through which is something we’re working on resolving. If you search for solar data for those schools you will see a message pop up saying ‘There is no data available for this school at this time’. If you want to find out more about what we’re doing to resolve the issue feel free to get in touch with us.


We would love your feedback on the new pages. Please email us at [email protected] with your thoughts and suggestions.


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