A small school in South Auckland has been awarded the second highest grant for solar and tech gear for its students, in our Energising Young Minds competition. Aka Aka School, near Pukekohe, were delighted to receive the news in person from our School-gen team on Monday.

Aka Aka School Principal, Michaelene Nu’u, says this funding will allow the school to take STEM learning to the next level.

“Getting a sum like $15,000 to put directly to learning tools is incredible. That is a significant amount of our overall budget so it will achieve an enormous amount and will have a huge impact on what we can offer at the school. A grant like this will have such a positive impact on our children and how they feel about themselves and their pride in the school – they will be buzzing,” said Nu’u.

Jessica Rodger who is the School-gen Manager at Genesis, was super stoked to be able to head out to the school on Monday and share the news with the kids. “It was so cool to see how enthusiastic the kids were about their win, and hear the plans for a devoted STEM resource room. I also loved hearing the kids’ creative solutions to their issues like how to feed their chickens over the weekend, and how to warm the pool during April”.