ElectroCity is an online game that has been developed by Genesis Energy specifically for teachers and students between Years 7 and 9. Students build and manage their own virtual towns and cities, making important decisions and learning about energy generation, environmental management and many more practical and relevant concepts. There is plenty of real-world information built into the game and kids can put that information to good use in their own cities.

Game Features:

  • It's free and can be played on any computer that has Flash 8 or higher installed.
  • It's easy to learn but there is a lot of complexity for more advanced players.
  • It's easy and flexible for teachers to set-up and manage. Teachers register once and students don't need to register at all.

Genesis Energy funded the development of this game because we see a wider public understanding of energy management - even at this simplified level - as crucial. The higher the public interest, the better the general understanding, the more informed the debate and the better for everyone.
To find out more about ElectroCity and how to use ElectroCity within your classroom visit electrocity.co.nz

For more information about ElectroCity and other Genesis Energy educational initiatives download the brochure here.