Past Competitions

Mine Craft Design Competition

Schoolgen teamed up with Interface magazine in 2017 to offer a sweet new competition for keen student Minecrafters in New Zealand. Students had to create an environmentally sustainable “eco-house” that used sustainable materials, was well-designed to utilise the sun’s energy effectively, and was efficient in its use of energy.

Primary 1st - Worser Bay - Hay Bail House

Students - Alex Gray

Secondary 2nd - Hobsonville Point Secondary School - Emma's Eco House

Emma Atua-Tavai

Best of Mean Green House

Ever thought about building a sustainable energy house? The kids who entered the Mean Green House competition did just that and not only did they have fun coming up with cool ideas, they also learnt lots about energy and sustainability.

Primary School Winners (Year 5-6)

2016 - Hillcrest Normal School: Arlo Oliver, Isla Wilkinson, Alena Zhu

2015 - Paparoa Street School: Eli Holmnowsky, Henry Wilson, Noah Kember

2014 - Waterloo Primary: Sakura Gregory, Milly Kneale, Brianna Mackenzie

2013 - Wainuiomata Primary School (First equal)

2013 - Stanley Bay School (First equal)

2012 - Muritai Primary School - overall winner

Intermediate School Winners (Year 5-6)

2014 - Raroa Intermediate School: Liv Sinclair, Emma Brown, Carlos Mendonca

2015 - St Kentigern's: Chris Dirks, Chris Manning

2013 - Clifton Terrace Model School (First equal)

2013 - Ngatea School (First equal)

Secondary School Winners (Year 5-6)

2016 - St Kentigern College in Auckland: Chris Dirks

2015 - Rangiora New Life School: Meighan Weber, Josh Miller, Zachary Taylor

2013 - Sacred Heart College, Auckland


Maker Projects


Solar Schools