We have recently launched our brand new School-gen Human Energy Generators – small machines that let kids use their own pedal and arm power to generate energy! The generators are connected to a light box, letting the kids see the difference in energy required in powering an LED versus an incandescent light bulb.

We have been using the Human Energy Generators (HEGs as we like to call them!) at the Space and Science Festivals, and they will be available for people to use this weekend and next weekend at the festivals being held at Onslow College. Tickets are still available here.

After the festivals wrap up, we will be loaning the HEGs out to schools – so they can use them as a fun way to demonstrate how energy works. We have designed a resource for teachers around it, and in June there will be a video demonstration coming as well. If your school is interested in borrowing one of the HEGs, just email us.